Why Scheme?

I've decided that Scheme has some very educational and probably also, pragmatic merits. It seems to be a very usable, clean, simple language. Learning Scheme seems to be a good introduction to many fundamental programming concepts.

Some people think Scheme is the end-all best. I don't know yet. I may find out if I continue to study it. It is interesting to look at, at any rate.

I don't mind parentheses, at least not so far. They are a method of structuring a program, which nearly every language in existance uses to some extent. I'd just as soon see them used uniformly for everything so I won't have to think about other ways to make sure I'm doing it right.

One thing that I am intrigued by is the idea of a server that uses the same code for internal "soft" coding as it is written in. This isn't a new idea. Several scripting-language servers do this, such as PerlMOO, MOOP, and possibly others.

The FSF has decided on making Scheme (theirs is Guile) the universal extension language as an alternative to everyone making their own extension language up, reinventing the wheel and making things harder to port. If a MUD needs an extension language, why not use Scheme?

I kind of like keeping things simple. I'm curious as to whether this project will work out.

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