Q and A

Q: What's Snappy and what's Scheme?

A: Snappy is just a name I made up for a MUD server. It means "fast" in English. Comes from the sound of snapping your fingers quickly. Scheme is a functional programming language that I think is pretty cool. It's based on Lisp. Uses parentheses.

Q: What's the point of yet another MUD server?

A: It looks like it could be an interesting project to learn some computer science on. Also, most mud servers are written in other languages. This will add some more diversity to the place. Give the Scheme community a bit of action in the realm of MUD.

Q: Are there any other Scheme MUDs out there?

A: Yes, there's one that is sort of a MUD, called World. It's kind of like Nethack actually, overhead view with ascii. It's written in a non-compliant version of scheme. There's also a few planned muds out there with no code available yet. Not too many though, as of this writing. There's some texts on "How to write a MUD in Scheme" floating around, but they don't seem to tell much.

Q: What kinds of stuff do you want to see in this?

A: Well, I'm thinking it won't be too different from LambdaMOO, except with cleaner syntax and more powerful scripting abilities. Instead of MOOcode, why not use Scheme itself? It's educational, after all, kind of like some MOOs.

Q: Cool can I help?

A: Sure, if you want to. Do you know any Scheme? If not, you might want to brush up on it first.

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