Snappy MUD

A Scheme-Based MUD Server

I have just been learning Scheme. The literature impressed me immensely that this is a good language. In addition, I have been picking up on it fairly quickly. I have planned for a while now to write my own MUD server. So I started this project on SF.

This project isn't begging for volunteers, but I'm probably not going to turn too many people down either. I am doing this, not out of altruism, it's mainly because I feel like I'd like to know this language better. I also think the world could maybe use a better MUD server, although I could be wrong.

I dislike the idea of copyright laws, as I feel they encroach on our personal liberties. Seems like the government oughtn't tell us what we can and can't do with our own personal computers. (Bodies, yes. Those are sacred and need protection. Computers, no.) So this application is going to be public domain. Feel free to copy and relicense as you like. Kinda like a non-viral GPL :P

Domain Knowledge Page. Contains information on the application we wish to build, and how to build it.
Why Scheme? Provides an explanation for the use of Scheme in Snappy-MUD.
Q and A. Simple FAQ.

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